CIMPS-Europort will be held in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province from May 23 to 25. It is reported from the organizing committee that the Minister of Indonesian Department of State-owned Enterprises will organize more than 40 ship owners to visit CIMPS-Europort.

The representative of Indonesia ship owners said that two-thirds of the Indonesia territory is covered by sea. It needs enough marine facilities, equipment and transportation means to develop the natural resources. Thus, the shipbuilding industry is the key industry in the future, with huge market potential. According to the organizing committee, the Indonesia ship owners pavilion will also participate in the third Ship and Marine Engineering Industry Trade Matchmaking Meeting besides visiting the exhibition, then go to Jingjiang to visit New Century Shipbuilding factory, New Yangzi Shipbuilding Factory and other leading shipbuilding enterprises.

"Now the development trend of Indonesia shipbuilding industry is very good, but we need more allied industries to support it. CIMPS-Europort is a mature and good international platform. Visiting this exhibition has the positive significance to promote the international competitiveness.” commented the representative.

Data shows that the exhibitors of 2011 CIMPS-Europort came from 20 countries, 65 out of which from overseas (covering 13% of the total exhibitors). Singapore, Great Britain, Korea, Finland, Denmark participate in the form of national pavilions; Italy, Germany, the Netherlands etc. also participate in groups. The high degree of internationalization meets the theme of this exhibition deeply, that is to be "international, professional, and tradable". Since the beginning of this exhibition, CIMPS-Europort has devoted in building a high international trading platform for the domestic and international shipbuilding industry communication. Based on hosting twice successfully, 2012 CIMPS-Europort got the new breakthroughs in terms of internationalization. As a leading company in the exhibition industry, Jiangsu United Asia Exhibition Co., Ltd will work together with Netherlands Ahoy Exhibition Co., Ltd, a master in this field as well, to host the event this year, using a new brand as "CIMPS-Europort". This will strengthen the international influence and to add a new page in the history of the development of international maritime event.